Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Digital Photography For Absolute Beginners. Quick Guide to Getting Started With Digital Photography

By John A. Alexander

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Book Description
Do you want to improve the family pictures that will keep your memories alive forever? Do you want to show your friends amazing photos from your trips? Then you need to learn Digital Photography. If you feel overwhelmed or confused by most books about photography this one is perfect for you. Digital Photography for Absolute Beginners, by John A. Alexander is a quick guide to understand basic concepts such as shutter speed, different lenses, managing the light, the use of filters, etc. Everything is explained in clear language, avoiding complicated terms and making easy the jump to digital photography.

Inside you will also find the necessary information to choose the right equipment to start enjoying this hobby immediately. Scroll up and buy it now!

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  • Published on: 2012-08-27
  • Released on: 2012-08-27
  • Format: Kindle eBook
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Customer Reviews

Plenty of Useful Information
By Jeffrey
I bought this book to help me improve on my picture taking skills. Like many people, I have been taking pictures for many years, yet I consider myself to be still stuck in the beginner stages of photography.
This book helped explain many of the digital photography basics that I did not understand. I might add that it explains things in an easy to understand and to the point way.
I feel this book provided me with plenty of useful information to get going in the right direction.

Good Book Short on Content
By C. Thomas Wright III
This book is a great book for the person who is an ABSOLUTE beginner to dSLR or to digital cameras as a whole. Would have loved to have seen more content than what the book had but what was there was written well and would recommend this book to anyone who wants to start with digital photography.

True to it's Title & Promise

By Bernadette
Yes, it's called Digital Photography for Absolute Beginners, and this book delivers on it's promise. It is basic information, but actually has some very sound suggestions that even a more experienced photographer will see value in. I'm probably a bit more experienced than an "absolute beginner", but even I wished I'd read a book like this before investing in a B&W filter for example, as I've always struggled with digital photography software, and I had no idea most software would accomplish the same effect as that expensive filter does.

All in all some good basic tips, logically laid out & easy to read. Having photographs to show the effects of different settings was lost on me (I have an older Kindle) as everything kind of looks the same in B&W. This was the only reason it got 4 stars, not five, but on a newer Kindle I'm sure they're fine.